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            DDZ Technology Company Limited, which was established in August 2004, is a high-tech enterprise incorporating R&D production and sales of batteries, power supplies, battery chargers, photographic accessories, power bank, etc.

            Our products include laptop batteries, DC/DV batteries, cell phone batteries, interphone batteries, PDA/PMP/MP3/MP4 batteries, chargers and photographic accessories, which involve in many fields such as IT, telecommunications, digital electronics, consumer electronics,etc.

            At present, DDZ owns a new industrial area of nearly 8,000 square meters, more than 1,200 employees and monthly production capacity of over 1 million sets. Moreover, our company brings in advanced technology and production equipment, sets up a professional quality control team of over 100 members, and has a professional quality inspection control system capable of providing high-quality products, excellent service with timely delivery.

            Besides, we also have a R&D engineering team with over 70 people who research and develop new products independently. Each professional project engineer guides and follows up the whole product procedures from mold design, circuit design, structrue design to final performance assessment, sampling and mass production.

            "Be loyal to company, sincere to customer and honest to colleague" is the enterprise tenet of DDZ, and take technological innovation as its basis. We adhere to the business concept of "Innovation First, Quality First and Customer First" to meet customers' requirements at most with our best products and services all the time.

            Welcome visit our webstie to know our, thank you!




            Company Goal

            Dedicate to creating the most valuable life stage for employees and supplying the most competitive quality, price and service to customers .

            Company Mission
            Energy Expert and energy solutions to create value.

            To create the maximum benefits to our employees and customers

            Technical innovation as the foundation | Managerial innovation as the competitiveness | Service innovation as the bridge connecting customers

            Core Value
            1.Sincerity: Fact-oriented ; Do what one says; Don't talk big and talk empty ; Put an end to cheating
            2.Teamwork: Work together for the development of both individuals and company, for the satisfactions of clients, for the harmony and evolution of the society.;
                More collaboration; More communication; More sharing; Help each other
            3.Development: Training ; Veterans help the newly-recruited person; Target multipled ;Conclude experience. 
            4.Energetic: Keep happy mood; Sense of belonging; Hold more activities; Create happy and harmonious working environment

            Factory tour


          6. http://www.yttzge.com
          7. http://www.gdjiaying.com
          8. http://www.geziseo.cn
          9. ??????
          10. http://www.tskdz.cn
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          12. ???????
          13. Shenzhen Company:6F, 2Bldg, Wandi Industrial Park, Xikenglao Village, Guanlan Str., Longhua dist., Shenzhen 518110, CN.
            Contact person: Mr Mike Sang (86)15989867480
            E-mail: info@ddzbattery.com

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