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            The energy storage industry will become the new strength of China low-carbon green ecosystem.

            In recent years, with the advance of China's new round of power system reform policy, the application value, commercialization and scale development of energy storage have gained wide attention and recognition from the society.
            In the process of commercial development, the rigid demand of the market will become an important driving force for the sustainable development of energy storage industry in the future.

            As a new technology industry, energy storage has a broad market development prospect, which will create great value for China's economic growth and green energy development in the future.
            With the development of commercialization, the field of energy storage application will be more clear in the future, and the scale of energy storage projects will increase greatly.

            The commercialization of energy storage will not only change the distribution pattern of the existing market, but also create an incremental market with unlimited prospects.
            More and more market, investment and financing bodies begin to recognize energy storage from commercial value.
            In recent years, the energy storage industry has entered the initial stage of commercialization, and the development has accelerated, and the energy storage market has shown a trend of large-scale development.
            Due to the lack of economy, the main power of energy storage development at this stage is still in the manufacturer itself.
            However, the emergence of the inflection point of the energy storage industry is not determined by the manufacturers, but rather by the financial market and capital market.

            China's energy storage industry is in an important stage of transition from demonstration application to the initial stage of commercialization, which has been greatly reduced in production cost.
            In the future, China's energy reform, renewable energy development and power system reform will create huge market opportunities for the energy storage industry.
            "Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period, the energy storage industry is expected to maintain a healthy and sustainable development momentum, break through the threshold of the commercial application, to realize the multiple value system, become a support energy revolution, the construction of new forces of our country's low carbon green ecological system.
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