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            With the rapid rise of energy storage market, the European energy storage market has been transformed.

            In recent years, Europe's new energy market has undergone many changes.
            Italy is expected to overtake Germany as Europe's largest energy market within a decade, according to a report.
            European Association for Energy Storage (European Association for Storage of Energy, EASE) UK research institutions entrusted to the Delta - ee. Write a report forecasts, after 2021 years in Italy for Energy Storage market (behind - the - meter, BTM) installed capacity will usher in explosive growth.

            Valts Grintals, the report's author, thinks the BTM market will be driven by local subsidies, and with its strong solar market, it can expect a decent growth.
            The report also suggests that the Nordic countries may be facing growing demand for commercial and industrial energy storage systems, which is linked to the region's growing data centres.

            Both Germany and Italy are typical cases of subsidised markets.
            Britain, on the other hand, has chosen to scale up the market purely by reducing the cost of energy storage systems, just as they have phased out photovoltaic (pv) FIT subsidies.
            BTM, in fact, the market does not have too much in the UK economy, but no matter how the market is taking off, so to speak, can be attributed to a certain extent of famous furniture and household goods retailer ikea launched in August a ready-made, simple photovoltaic energy storage products.

            Ikea evaluation shows that the system can save 560 pounds of electricity for the owners, each year than the cost of solar panels savings alone is more than 67%, annual return on investment of 6%, the typical family customers, payback period is about 12 years.

            The popularity of the product has contributed to the popularity of the BTM market in the UK.
            The growth of the BTM market also reflects the diminishing importance of the front-of-meter energy storage system.
            Bloomberg new energy finance was released in 2016, according to a report from 2010 to 2021, on a global scale, BTM market will gradually catch up with the grid size of energy storage, the Delta - ee this report just confirm this again.
            GTM has also pointed out that the same trend is moving forward in the United States, where the BTM market will account for half of the total energy storage market by 2021.

            At the end of 2016, Germany, Italy and Britain photovoltaic capacity was in the first three European (and on a global scale to the fourth, fifth and sixth), the energy storage and has already formed the scale of the photovoltaic roof market tied up to the growth of the energy storage market is definitely a powerful driving force.
            In the future, stronger growth may be concentrated in places such as Ireland and Norway.

            In such a trend, the spread of electric vehicles will further fuel the rapid growth of the energy storage market, according to delta-ee.

            Currently, the use of electric vehicles as battery storage units is a relatively obvious development direction, and a large number of automobile companies are developing energy storage systems based on car batteries.
            But delta-ee also points out that until the technology maturation of the V2G technology, most owners should still choose to buy additional energy storage batteries to ensure the flexibility of ev charging.

            But recently, the combination of BTM products and electric car charging has become more and more obvious.
            Valts Grintals said, now some of the energy storage battery manufacturers began to energy storage system to provide additional charger, the battery into the part of the household energy storage system, it becomes a kind of energy storage packaging services.

            Delta - ee this according to the report, the European market is out of government subsidies, the transformation of energy storage market is Europe, the popularity of electric cars in it play an important role, and is expected to 2021 years later, the new wave of a wave of energy storage market will form.
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