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            30 investment over 702 billion! How will the storage enterprises be laid out in 2017?

            What's the best thing about the energy storage industry in 2017?
            That than lithium electricity companies, along with the rapid development of new energy vehicles industry, lithium electricity enterprise development over a year, can be said to be taking in innumerable, industry increasingly fierce competition, companies have been expanding production capacity sprint to the top of the industry.

            According to incomplete statistics, the new capacity of the power battery industry is about 130GWh.
            At least 130 billion yuan will flow to the lithium industry around 2017, according to the proportion of the 1 billion yuan of matching funds.
            In 2017, the company has included 30 projects, 46 projects and a total investment of 70.2 billion yuan.
            Among them, the investment in ningde time investment in the lake west lithium ion power battery production base project and ningde times power and energy storage battery research and development project, the accumulative investment amount of 13.12 billion yuan, leading the lithium electric industry;
            The other companies with more than 4 billion yuan invested in the company include putai, micco, byd, jetway power and penghui energy.

            There are always some companies that make us remember.

            1. Ningde era
            In 2017, ningde and byd are the most colourful.
            The ningde era was founded in 2011 and has been rising rapidly for six years. From January to November, 2017, the loading capacity of ningde era is 7.32GWh, which has surpassed byd.
            On November 10th, after the initial public offering of shares in ningde, it has a market value of 130 billion yuan, making it the new "big MAC" in the industry.
            2. Byd
            Although byd, installed capacity, but the somebody else is all-round development, batteries, strengthen development of new energy cars, photovoltaic power plant, energy storage power station, not in words, in the summer of 2017, byd "cloud rail", but also make enough, on September 28, invest 4.65 billion yuan to help byd shenzhen, zhongshan, jining, bengbu, guilin and other cities set up by the clouds rail project to the ground, can not help but let's exclamation wang "green empire".
            Beyond that, there are plenty of other lithium - power companies that are amazing at capacity expansion.
            3. Putai
            On April 13, Shanghai tai pu han for lithium ion battery materials project investment of 5 billion yuan, mainly including the diaphragm, coated diaphragm and anode materials research and development, production and sales, with the Chinese academy of sciences institute of cooperation new silicon carbon composite anode materials, mass production is expected to be completed by the end of part and put into production.

            4. Lithium battery
            On June 29, maike li-ion battery with a total investment of 5 billion yuan in jintan, changzhou, jiangsu province, area to develop high performance lithium ion power battery project, mainly produce square aluminum shell of lithium ion battery and power battery system.
            5. Gateway power
            On November 8, gateway dynamic investment of 6 billion yuan of new energy vehicles power battery project to make the new energy vehicles with a soft bag laminated power cells, modules and systems such as product development, production and sales, all 2020 completed and put into operation plan.

            6. Penghui energy
            On November 10, great energy in changzhou jintan jincheng industrial park of science and technology investment of 5.8 billion yuan to build a "great energy lithium ion power battery and system project" specific implementation 10 GWH lithium ion power battery projects and five GWH lithium ion power battery PACK.
            The first phase of fixed assets investment of more than 2.6 billion yuan will be started before March 31, 2018.

            The ones that are most upstaged.

            1. Medium energy storage: distributed energy storage demonstration project.
            Let's remember about 2017 energy storage industry projects, than the distributed storage of energy storage demonstration project, on December 16, meridian energy storage in the distributed energy storage technology and equipment industrialization application conference released the application of distributed energy storage technology industrialization in jiangsu province demonstration results, said it had built a distributed photovoltaic (pv), energy storage, charging pile trinity, combined with the power energy storage system overall energy storage capacity of 10 mw.

            In the project, transit storage innovative patterns used to light, storage, filling, bold breakthrough in technology, the project can be isolated piconets, also with its seamless docking, become a weak power grid distribution.
            At present, the project has passed the acceptance of jiangsu state grid and installed the first one in jiangsu to realize the peak valley price difference meter.
            2. Ke lu electronics: the AGC energy storage auxiliary FM system project of the 2 x 300MW generator set of shanxi pingshuo coal gangue power generation co., LTD.
            Shanxi pingshuo coal gangue power generation co., LTD. 2 * 300MW generator set AGC energy storage auxiliary FM system project is the most successful application of lithium energy storage system in Beijing area to date.
            On October 23, secco electronics and shandong lu of new energy development co., LTD. Signed the "shanxi new coal gangue power generation co., LTD. - 2 x 300 mw generating unit AGC storage auxiliary FM system EPC general contracting project contract, the contract amount of nearly 30 million yuan, the project successful operation of energy storage system for subsequent company into the high-end market has laid a good foundation.

            3. Pu energy company: integrated demonstration project of 10MW optical storage in zaoyang, hubei province.
            On October 18, the company successfully signed the contract of energy storage system of "hubei zaoyang 10MW optical storage demonstration project".
            This project contains 10 mw photovoltaic power generation project, 10 mw 40 mw when all vanadium flow energy storage power station demonstration projects, a total investment of 300 million yuan, after the completion of can improve energy supply structure, realize the industrial park can complement each other, bring a variety of economic and social benefits.
            The demonstration project phase I project 3.5MWp pv and 3MW/12MWh energy storage system will be completed in the first half of 2018, when the energy storage system will be the largest volume of liquid-flow battery project installed in China.
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