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            Finished Battery

          1. Li ion Battery
          2. Li Polymer Battery
          3. LiFePO4 Battery
          4. Ni MH&Ni CD Battery
          5. Finished Battery
          6. We design and produce many finished batteries, laptop batteries, DC/DV batteries, cell phone batteries, interphone batteries, PDA/PMP/MP3/MP4 batteries and so on, which we developed have been affirmed fully after customer’s long-term application, and the batteries we produced represent the advanced design and quality of portable Lithium Batteries


            Operating temperature: charging: 0~45℃

            Discharge: -20~60℃

            Resistance: ≤200mΩ

            Operating current: 2A-5A

            Cycle life: standard charge discharge more than 500 times


            The battery was designed according to customer products need, its performance is divided into 3.7V, 7.4V, 11.1V and other more specifications, and the inner cells is useful for li-polymer batteries as well as for 18650 batteries.

            While packaging is divided into two types, hard plastic shell assembly and PVC shrink wrap. The advantages of hard plastic shell assembly is safe, convenient replacement, can be sold separately as parts; and the advantages of PVC shrink wrap is the design simple, the development cycle short, the space utilization rate high, and the capacity high

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          8. http://www.gdjiaying.com
          9. http://www.geziseo.cn
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          11. http://www.tskdz.cn
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          14. Shenzhen Company:6F, 2Bldg, Wandi Industrial Park, Xikenglao Village, Guanlan Str., Longhua dist., Shenzhen 518110, CN.
            Contact person: Mr Mike Sang (86)15989867480
            E-mail: info@ddzbattery.com

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